In the autumn I want to purpose-build some sets for an animation. I’m currently calculating how forced perspective could save me some space and materials. The beach scenes below are experiments using the items I already had lying around, so they aren’t scaled correctly, but I decided to post them as a plug for the Pier Review project.

Birmingham writers Jon Bounds and Danny Smith (editors of Dirty Bristow magazine) are touring fifty-six pleasure piers in two weeks. They will be chronicling their coastal Odyssey under the title Pier Review: A Journey to the Outcrops of a Dying Culture, as a follow-up to their successful travelogue Concrete and Cocktails. Crowdfunding has made the trip possible and there are a range of practical ways you can contribute to the project if it’s the kind of thing that floats your boat.

We didn’t do holidays abroad when I was a kid, only excepting a couple of visits to Ireland for the express purpose of seeing relatives. Day-trips to the seaside, as a result, loomed large in my childhood. In fact my first memory is of buying a bucket and spade in Barry at the age of three. Not all our trips were successful, however. When I was ten, my mother, no doubt fancying herself as the French Lieutenant’s Woman, arranged a weekend in Lyme Regis. Her romantic notions were dashed. The pier was grim, the town seedy, and it pissed down with rain. We retreated to the Cosi Cot bed and breakfast to watch Saturday Night Fever on BBC1 while my dad read the paper.

The pictures are my own; click to enlarge.

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